About Our Products


Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

From the selection of our ingredients, and those who provide them, to craftsmanship in our formulations, design, production and delivery, we always stand in your shoes and ask ourselves this one question: “Am I satisfied with this product, it’s effectiveness and economy?” We will never sell our products without being able to say, “yes, yes and yes”.

Well who would have thought in late 2019 that we would be where we find ourselves today? But here we are! We are learning to reinvent our lives in many ways. All of this stems from our respecting ourselves and each other, as well as wishing to prevent the spread of this disease we are dealing with.

If being outdoors more is part of your new way, or a continuation of your lifestyle, we have a very good solution for those bugs you might encounter when outside; helping to make good times outside even better.

We now have tens of thousands of satisfied customers, who are also sharing their good experiences using ‘Skeeter Skidaddler with their friends and family, near and far. It’s a good feeling to know that so many are really enjoying their times out of doors!

Bringing you the very best natural insect repellents is both my privilege and pleasure.
– Allen

Skeeter Skidaddler